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Wave Bolt Glue-in

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The Wave Bolt is a stainless steel glue-in rock climbing anchor, offering tremendous shear and tensile resistance. It combines the strength of glue-ins with the convenience of pitons. In vertical placements the Wave Bolt will not slide out of the hole – like other glue-in bolts do – prior to the glue hardening.


-Smooth inside edges don't damage carabiners
-Wave gaped for gluing for strengthed anchor
-Head design mitigates the possibility of carabiner roll out
-Accomades two carabiners
-Material Type: 316L Stainless Steel
-1/2" bolt




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  1. Fast, easy & strong

    Posted by Rich Fettke on 10th May 2018

    I've used the Wave Bolt for setting up anchors for climbing, sport climbs and for highlines (slack lines) from cliff to cliff in Southern California. They have all held super solid even with the massive loads a highline puts on them. Wavebolts are so much easier and faster than mechanical bolts and I love the way they are bonded from the rock through the bolt and back to the other side of the hole -- thanks to the epoxy channels in the bolt. Easy 5 stars on these!

  2. The future of bolting

    Posted by Bryan Smucker on 19th Nov 2017

    We've been using wave bolts exclusively to replace aging hardware because they are the most versatile when reusing the old bolt holes. It's more work to pull a bolt and reuse the hole but it's important to start thinking 100+ years down the road and about the impacts our current stewardship will have.

    If you're pgrading existing hardware, there really isn't a better option on the market inside the U.S.

  3. Stainless and reliable

    Posted by [email protected] on 15th Aug 2017

    Very in expensive, when compared to other means and materials used for bolting routes. Now more than ever it's not just about bolting a first ascent or retro bolting..... It's about stewardship of the rock. Using products that are the most corrosion resistant and will last more than 5 or 10 years and only utilize one bolt hole! Climb Tech lead the way.

  4. The best bolt? Yes.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2017

    Strong, easy to install, lowest visual impact, super-durable with estimated 50+ year lifespan, optimal for virtually every rock type and environment (except coastal locations where titanium metal should be used), and affordable. It's low visual impact is one of my favorite aspects of this bolt. More people should use this bolt, everywhere.

  5. Nice design

    Posted by James Garrett on 4th Nov 2015

    The fact that the holding power is pretty significant even without the glue, is a big plus...of course, using an excellent epoxy like Hilti Hit is crucial...don't take any short cuts! Also, the light weight is a plus. The choice for retrofitting routes...replace the 3/8' stuff with 1/2" Wave bolts!

    I have had issues with removing the installation head/tool after pounding the bolt in most of the way, so I usually extract it shortly before driving it in to flush with the rock. I might have to invest in a stainless steel hammer to avoid this one downside of the install.

  6. First Time Placing Wave Bolts

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

    I used Wave Bolts to replace removable bolts that I drilled and installed on lead on a climb. It takes a bit of work to place these Wave Bolts, but the results are well worth the effort. You will waste some glue until you get the proper number of squeezes of the glue gun dialed in. I suggest wearing disposable gloves while working with the glue because it is messy. The Wave Bolts are less visible than normal bolts and hangers, which is good for places where you want to have low visibility of climbing protection on the rocks.

  7. What an incredible product!

    Posted by Tommy BLackwell on 27th Apr 2015

    Incredibly strong. Perfect for damp conditions and easy to install!

  8. easy install, looks great!

    Posted by Chris Koppl on 21st Jun 2014

    Incredibly easy to install with the installation tool (sold seperately). Visually low profile and completely confidence inspiring, the piton action makes installing on overhangs a breeze and you can clip in immediately after insertion with no movement.

  9. Wave Bolt refined by Climb Tech

    Posted by Tim Fisher on 9th Dec 2013

    An excellent product. Very good instruction sheet included. This is the go to bolt for re-using 1/2 inch holes! And softer or corrosive rock!

  10. Wave Bolt - Wave Of The Future

    Posted by Timy Fairfield on 15th Oct 2013

    This product will make developing and re-bolting steep crags more feasible and affordable. These things will last forever. I'm glad that ClimbTech has created such a practical and simple state of the art solution.