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Designed for use on our Permadraws, Chain Anchors and Chain Draws, our Steel Carabiner is ideal for high traffic areas and is stronger, longer-lasting than aluminum.

–      88g, 30kN

–     Bent Steel Gate, Zinc-Plated Steel-Alloy Body.

–      Certification: CE

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  1. Using these on the anchors of some steeply overhanging sport routes where you just want to be able to clip and lower. Captive pin prevents the biner from accidentally flipping upside down. These guys are big, making them easy to clip even if you have large hands. Bought a couple to try out and just ordered a larger batch, can’t think of anything better. Bomber!

  2. I’m using the steel ‘biner with captive retaining pin on a chain runner to protect a committing overhang section of a limestone sport climb where it passes through a chossy layer of the cliff. Attached with a 12mm Climbtech stainless hanger to a 6″ deep, 5/8″ dia. sleeve anchor with 1/2″ dia. bolt. (The hanger’s bolt hole required minor filing for clearance but no problem.) This part of the climb is quite steep and although very climbable it will probably never ‘clean up’ to reliable, firm rock so we wanted to make it safe to go for it and have fun without the risk of a hold failure causing a leader fall before or while clipping. With this protection setup it doesn’t really matter since the clip is instantaneous and we can just go for it and have fun.

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