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Rupesh Chhagan

Climbing is one of those rare things I feel I was born to do. It's my passion, my old friend, and a deep meditation. My favorite thing to do in climbing is finding new sport routes. Where else can you be a pioneer, construction worker, dancer-choreographer, and a poet (naming the route) all in one activity? Climb Tech revolutionized bolting with the 1/2" Removeable Bolt. I used to piss my pants trembling on quavering hooks. I'd wistfully abandon sweet roofs and thin steep faces, fearing my mortality. RBs unlocked my favorite Austin climbs. The WaveBolt glue-in bolts are amazingly strong and perfect for the manky limestone starts at many local crags. Not to mention, I love and have trust in the quickdraws.. I've been friends with the boyz at ClimbTech for years. Passionate about climbing, always innovating, and thorough in their safety analysis, I'm psyched to be part of the team.
My day job is doing healing work--acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Hakomi therapy (assisted self-discovery). [www.windhorsemedicine.com] I'm a teacher, Qigong grasshopper, Zen student, Ikebana dabbler, and eternal yogi. See you all out in the woods!