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Construction Rescue/Safety Ladder
Construction Rescue/Safety Ladder
Military/Rescue Assault Ladder   Starting at $199.00 

Military/Rescue Assault Ladder 

As one of ClimbTech’s newest innovations, the Military/Rescue Assault Ladder has received high accolades for its incredibly efficient design and structure. The Assault Ladder is made up of flexible nylon webbing, incorporated with a ridged rung system that keeps the frame from collapsing under body weight – unlike its existing counterparts on the market. This notable feature allows the climber swift, simple upward movement for countless applications.


• Rung Bar – Molded Nylon
• Body Nylon – 1" Nylon Webbing


ClimbTech’s Assault Ladders can be used for Special Forces, Urban Rescue, Helicopter Rescue, Submarines, Urban Warfare, Mountain Warfare, Sniper Units, Training Programs, and countless other applications. They are currently available in either single or double rung versions.

Industries for product application:

• Military/Special Ops/Sniper Units
• Police/SWAT
• Fire
• Helicopter Rescue
• Submarines
• Mountain Warfare
• Urban Warfare

Assault Ladder strength:

• Main Body/Anchor Loop – 4,000 lbs
• Rung System – 1,200 lbs


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Military/Rescue Assault Ladder
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 May, 2010.
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