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Kev Wilkinson

Me? I’m just a dude who’s stoked on bolting. When I show up at an awesome crag, sure I'll climb on the stellar line that's already established, but my eyes will wander off and start looking at all the potential next to it. People always ask why, saying, "Bolting is so much work; it's so hard on the body and takes so much away from your climbing, so why do you do it?" For me, there's always a "what would that be like to climb?" question floating around in my head...and I’m almost always compelled to find the answer.
I like to see things done right. I guess that’s how I got the nickname “Handyman.” I’m always fixing belay stations or anchors or trails, or I’m up on a route changing out worn biners and rusty bolts. Sure, I could spend more time trying to send a route or resting for proper recovery and probably be a slightly better climber then I am, but then how would new routes and areas get developed? I'd have to wait for others to slowly come and do it, and I am WAY to impatient for that.

Kev's Climbing Links:
  • Scarpa
  • Prana
  • Petzl