ClimbTech Gear

ClimbTech doesn’t just talk about innovation – we live it.

We reach, we climb, we leap and we dare to make better, lighter, and more versatile safety products than anything else out there.  The result? An industry that is finally seeing the revolution it deserves, not to mention a growing number of patents under the ClimbTech wedge. It’s why a growing base of safety companies count on ClimbTech as their innovation partner every day.

ClimbTech’s Roots

Twenty-five years ago, two avid rock climbers with engineering minds and visionary dreams saw the need for advancement in climbing equipment technology. They imagined, researched, and tested and soon came up with product after product, all taking mountaineering to a new level of sophistication, safety, and ease. In 1998, ClimbTech was born.

Fifteen years and several patents later, these climbers realized that their spring-loaded camming devices had a reach well beyond the mountains. Much larger fields with extensive safety concerns, such as the construction, industrial, military and mining industries, were plagued by outdated, heavy and cumbersome equipment.

ClimbTech’s founders soon became as focused on these industries as they were with mountaineering. And everywhere they looked, they saw room for true innovation. From anchors to I-beam clamps to nylon ladders that do away with the substantial challenges of those before them, ClimbTech has been innovating safety for years now, defining a new way of offering life-saving equipment to people whose job it is to hold on tight.

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