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Fred Charron

I started climbing in 1998 at an early age of 12. Unfortunately for me there were no junior teams or other kids of my age to climb with at the time, but I still managed to go to the gym a few times a week.
It was only in 2005 that I finally decided to step it up, train harder and started competing. I have been very present in the competition circuit, not only as an athlete but also as route setter. I have been head route setter for over 20 events in the past 3 years, from local to national competitions. I guess route setting is my way of giving back to the climbing. It is my passion and my full-time job.
I also started the junior team at Allez-Up with my brother in 2010. Working with kids is very important for me. I think maybe deep down I am just trying to create really strong climbing partners for the future! I wanted to give to the kids what I didn’t have when I started climbing.
Climbing took over! I slowly stopped practicing all other sports and eventually decided to quit my career as a jazz musician to focus 100% on climbing. I don’t regret it one bit. Climbing is what I do and what I love.
My goals are simple. I will keep on training as hard as I can to keep pushing my limits on plastic and on rock. I want to travel and climb as much as possible. I will keep competing, learning and contributing to the sport and the community for as long as I can!

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