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Emilie Pellerin

I spent the last 5 years traveling around the world full time for climbing. I have climbed at over 150 climbing areas in 13 countries, and most of the time my house has 4 wheels and a metal frame. Rock climbing is not only a sport, it's my lifestyle, my passion. I follow my passion to dream, to achieve those dreams and share them in the hope they will inspire other people to make their dreams come true. I believe the most important thing in life is to be happy and following your dreams. I'm a very positive, sociable and cheerful person, I smile all the time, I really like to spread joy around me.
I grew up in Quebec, Canada as a figure skater with absolutely no knowledge about rock climbing till 2009 when a friend initiated me. He was hoping I would fall in love with him... actually, I did fall in love, unfortunately not with him but with climbing. I've always loved nature, heights, challenge and freedom. Rock climbing was exactly what I was looking for. My only wish is to be able to keep enjoying this lifestyle for the many years to come. :) My speciality is onsighting. I climb trad, sport, boulder, alpine, multi-pitch, bigwall, and sometimes mix and ice.
Make your dreams become reality.

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