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I learned how to belay first… on the Las Vegas strip. I was hired to (what was at the time) the tallest, freestanding indoor rockwall in the USA. I hated the indoors, I was raised in the outdoors. It was 1998 and I had just ran away from home. The world was my oyster. I left those gaping tourists on the strip, lived in my truck, rented rooms in houses packed to the gills with dirt bags, and always found jobs to support myself along the way. I pride myself on being well rounded, and I’ve had the privilege of learning from the elders of the sport. I’ve done it all… aid, sport, trad, alpine, competition, and bouldering. I love each facet of this sport except ice and snow. Frozen water makes my guts rumble in ways that I’m very afraid it would expel in public, and I would never be able to show my face again. I am exceptional at climbing 5.12. It’s a curse. I love the 5.12 grade so much I’ve done over 250 ascents of the aforementioned grade. I’ve climbed harder, and I’ve climbed easier, but there is just something I find satisfying about accomplishing essentially what, by today’s climbing standards, is nothing. Currently, I work as an RN in a Trauma ICU in Las Vegas, NV. My longtime boyfriend is a full time rigger, and I appreciate ClimbTech and their innovations for bringing him home safely every night. Climb on!

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