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Ann Raber

I started climbing in the fall of 2005 in Austin, Texas. I got involved in local climbing organizations, and Tommy Blackwell taught me to sink bolts, and I helped out with a few hardware maintenance projects around Reimers Ranch.
In 2009 I got rid of most of my party dresses and housewares and went on a climbing trip with no end-date in mind. I've been traveling for almost three years at this point, to major and smaller climbing spots all over the world. I love my road life, but I also look forward to slowing it down now, and putting some serious time into a single region where I can dig into circuits and make myself crazy on long term projects. Some of my favorite places to climb are Boone and Asheville, NC, Vancouver Island, BC and Lake Travis in Central Texas. But my heart belongs to Hueco Tanks. I think I'm very lucky to have had the guidance of Austin hard-folk. I learned to channel my motivation for climbing into adventures and hard projects without worrying about sending everything or being perfect all the time. I've climbed in dozens of places all over the world now, and I've never seen people work harder to get to and up rock than Austin climbers.

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