Team – Alex Kirkpatrick

Climbing has been a natural part of my life since, at roughly three years old, my parents tied me in for my first top rope in the Gunks. Since then, my relationship with climbing has ebbed and flowed as I have grown up, moved between bouldering, trad, and sport climbing, gotten injured and healed many times, and eventually moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I currently live. I have climbed all across the country but really fell in love with the somewhat ragged climbing area of Mount Lemmon. The beautiful landscape and thin, technical climbing clicked, and I fell into a rhythm that led me to old test pieces and forgotten projects, lacking in chalk and beta, but rich with mystery and a sense of impossibility. Recently I have dived more into development, focusing my energy on Mount Lemmon and the limestone of Dry Canyon. I have been bolting new lines and re-bolting old, forgotten ones, trying to breathe life into rock waiting to come alive for years. I love the process of discovering a line, new or old, entering into a relationship with it, and maybe even sending it, which is always a bittersweet moment for me. When I’m not climbing, I consult as a mechanical engineer, which gives me an appreciation for elegant, well-engineered products. Few companies put product and passion together like ClimbTech, and I couldn’t be more psyched to be part of the crew!

  • Hanger – Stainless Steel

  • Bosch VSR Hammer Drill

  • Anejo Quickdraw

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