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About Us


ClimbTech has the gear to get you there.

We reach, we climb and we make products for both climbers and rock gyms that are better, more versatile, and more innovative than anything else out there. 

ClimbTech’s Roots

Twenty-five years ago, two avid rock climbers with engineering minds and visionary dreams saw the need for advancement in climbing equipment technology. They imagined, researched, tested and came up with products that took climbing to a new level when ClimbTech launched in 1998.

Fourteen years and many patents later, ClimbTech’s founders realized their spring-loaded removable bolts had a reach well beyond the mountains – including such diverse fields and industries as construction, industrial, military and mining. ClimbTech’s founders focused on these industries with the same passion they had for climbing – realizing that there was plenty of room for real innovation.

From RB Anchors to I-beam clamps to PermaDraws that do away with the substantial challenges of those before them, ClimbTech has pioneered a number of safety and practical innovations for these industries, while ClimbTech Gear delivers the best indoor and outdoor climbing gear to those who have a passion for getting to the top.

ClimbTech Co-Founder Falls 50ft Using ClimbTech Removable Bolt 


ClimbTech Gear’s innovative, technical products are designed by climbers, for climbers. Indoors or out, we’ve got everything a climber or a rock gym needs – like carabiners, pulleys, and belay/rappel devices for the toughest peaks, and our innovative PermaDraws that are a win-win for rock gym owners because they last longer than anything else out there.

Ready to buy? From special web-only discounts for climbers to unique wholesale pricing for rock gyms, we’ve got you covered with the gear you want. Shop now, climb later.